Global Breakfast Radio is by Seb Emina and Daniel Jones.

🎧 Seb Emina


Seb Emina is an author and award-winning editor working in conventional and unconventional projects involving words and literature. He is editor in chief of The Happy Reader, a magazine published by Penguin in collaboration with Fantastic Man. He's the author of The Breakfast Bible (2013), a breakfasters' compendium, and was founder of popular website The London Review of Breakfasts. Other non-writing projects include analogue search engine Old Googol and The Library Project, a literary installation for a hotel. His writing on subjects such as travel, food, art and books has appeared in the New York Times, Paris Review (click for a piece on radio-based time travel), FT, Guardian and Vogue among others. He lives between Paris and London.

🤖 Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones works with sound and technology to create new ways of experiencing the world around us. His previous work includes Chirp, a data sharing medium based on tiny snippets of digital birdsong; Papa Sangre, a 3D audio-only game whose binaural audio engine was nominated for a BAFTA; and The Listening Machine, a 9-month-long orchestral piece of music based on the real-time conversations of 500 Twitter users. His sound practice as one half of Jones/Bulley has encompassed weather systems, analogue radio, brainwaves, internet discussion forums, and forest ecosystems.

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Michael Cordingley for sunrise calculation code
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